User terms and conditions

When you see one of our Poducts & Prizes on TV or the Internet, you can start receiving our content via SMS (i.e. text message). When you see one of our Poducts & Prizes on TV, you can start receiving our content by sending an SMS with the indicated keyword to the short code for registration (e.g. SMS to 83033). You can enter your mobile telephone number on the landing pages via the Internet and confirm your registration. You hereby agree to the General Terms and Conditions and Promotional Terms and Conditions.
Fun2quiz charges you £3,00 per question. Each send answer will be followed by a new question. If you stop sending answers you will not receive anymore messages.
For Vodafone and Orange customers the minimum costs to participate the game are also £ 3.00. By each question answered, you will receive 2 messages charged at £ 1.50. per text message received. Please note that for all messages sent the standard text tariff may apply. These tariffs can differ per operator. Please contact your operator for more information on the charges imposed by them.

O2 Customers:
After you have opted in, you will receive two messages from £ 1.50 per text message received . The puzzles can vary from letter shakes, multiple choice questions, missing letter puzzles etc.
From this moment on you have to decide on your own if you will continue to play for more points. By answering a question, you will receive two messages containing a new puzzel/question also chargeable at £ 1.50 per text message received. When you stop sending answers the game will end.

O2 and Orange customers can only spend the maximum amount of £ 30.00 a day. This spending cap applies for one day, so the next day these customers are eligble to play again.
The maximum amount you can spend on our Fun2quiz service is £ 99.00.